Taskbar Windows 10The movement from the beginning of windows from 1983 to date in the form of Windows 10 is highly exceptional. The latest Windows 10 is developed in a way that it has made the experience of using the software far more convenient than it had been previously, and one of its updates is in its taskbar because of which it had been made quite a function but along with these developments there have been some errors which are noticed by the users and one of it is in the taskbars and the issue of taskbar not responding. As the taskbar is the gateway to many basic functions, the issue of not performing well can hinder many other activities. Below is few of the ways how taskbar in windows 10 can be fixed when not working properly.

Command Prompt

Are you having trouble with your taskbar and it’s missing some of the important icons with other applications not functioning properly well here’s how you can tackle the issue.

  • The first step is to press Window key and Key X simultaneously. Quick link menu will appear now you have to choose Command Prompt (Admin) this will lead you to open Disk Image Servicing and Management, this option will be used to fix the issue.

To get the taskbar back to its normal state following code should be used:


Trouble In Clicking?

Unclickable Taskbar Windows 10

Another issue which is observed among many users is that they are having trouble in clicking the taskbar though it’s present there but there is an issue in clicking on the icons, and for that, the following step should be followed.

  • Open the Run Dialogue box by pressing key Win+R simultaneously and as the dialogue box appears type CMD to open the command prompt window.
  • Now type the code given and press enter:

Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage
Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage –online

  • After it’s done start your computer all over again and the taskbar would be functioning properly.

Fix Auto-Hide:

It has been reported by many users that auto hide function on the taskbar of Window 10 can create problems and it can even sometimes stop working though there isn’t any specific way through which the problem can be solved completely but there are alternative ways which can solve the issues.

  • Firstly, it can be done by starting Window Explorer again, and for that, we have to open Task Manager first by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc and then go to the Processes tab. Now click on the application named Windows Explorer and then restart it.

There can be simpler issues than this which might be creating the problem in the process, and they might be a result of some application or window which was opened and have not get attention from the users. This is not apparent most of the times so in the task manager window the users can also look for the file which is showing any sort of error and work on it, make sure there are no other error or messages indicating any issues. If these are not the cases, there might be a need of complete evaluation of the system.

Problem In The Drivers:

Most of the issues related to computer can be resolved by clearing problems occurring in a driver. An outdated driver can cause various issues, one like functioning issues in taskbar. By updating the drivers to the latest version available the users can actually resolve the issue on big scale along with many other issues in the computers. Sometimes the update in the software can clash with the drivers and in result can cause hindrance, so it’s better to update the drivers accordingly.

Have A New Account!

One of the answers to the issues happening in the computer along with the taskbar issue is to create a new account; it is the last step to resolve issue but might be helpful in resolving problems. Though this step is quite a long and tiring one but it’s the last step which you can take. Here’s how you can get a help in making the new account.

  • Go to the setting options and then turn to Navigate Account then to Family and Other users. In other users account to go for the option with Add someone else to this PC and then move onto making the new account. In case you are removing your own user account you should add an account which is not the Microsoft account in order to avoid any confusion in the system.